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Interdependence should be natural. Our intent is to create synergy between investments and our team; creating worthwhile connections.


We are building connections.

Entrepreneurs at Heart

We are passionate about implementing our experience and knowledge to help earlier stage businesses build a stronger company. We are driven to build something that creates a legacy and leaves something meaningful behind, because the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Balancing Experience & Research

When choosing investments, we initially aim to discern if we are aligned. Next, we follow a process to research and analyze the quality of the investment. Finally, once we are committed, we dedicate ourselves to making every decision with integrity, focus, and intention.

Committed to All Fuse Partners

As investors, we understand that we all have different motivators. As always our goal is our return but we put a specific focus on building our connections and creating long-term partnerships that benefits all sides.

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